Weekend in Amsterdam

To kick-start the weekends away this year, Tom and I decided to start with Amsterdam! After a very bumpy and turbulent 45 min flight, followed by a quick train, we arrived and found our Air B&B accommodation which was amazing and so comfortable. This was our first experience with Air B&B and there’s no going back to hotels now – I highly recommended it, great room, great price and a lovely host. We stayed here and found the location was spot on with a lovely little cafe underneath so waking up to the smell of fresh coffee was an added bonus.


The Streets

One main thing we did was a lot of walking, there’s so much to see and do in this charming and fun city, just walking around and people watching was enough most of the time! The weather was quite bleak, cold and windy so it was nice to stop off in one of the many cafes and shops whilst wondering around the canals. We could have rented bikes as the locals seem to go 100mph which would of been great to get to places quicker, but neither of us fancied riding in the rain so walking and running into shops seemed the better choice.



One thing that stood out was how every building was completely different and walking past each window gave you the chance to catch short glimpses of people’s lives which always seems so lovely for some unexplained reason.



What to do in Amsterdam

Aside from walking, we mainly checked out quirky little shops, cute cafes and museums including, Van Gogh, Sex Museum and Rembrant’s house which had a real set up of his possessions and rooms as it were in that time. There were also demonstrators showing how Rembrant created his etchings and paintings using handmade paint which was really interesting.

A boat trip around the canals was a great way to check out the city from another perspective. We got a 4:30 boat so half the ride was in daylight and the other half at night which gave us the best of both.

I loved exploring Amsterdam and will definitely be returning, most likely when it’s a little warmer and no need for an umbrella!


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