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The perfect walk to explore Arundel on foot

If you fancy seeing some English countryside, valley, watch tower, lake, castle, cathedral, quaint market town and plenty of cafes and wildlife in under three miles, then you will love this walk!

Experience the beauty of Arundel in one walk

Arundel is a tiny place and on previous visits, I’ve only checked out the town center and not much else. When I found out about this walk – I wondered how more people didn’t know about it. It’s perfect to experience all the things to do Arundel on one route. This is a snapshot of the route around Arundel (about 3 miles altogether)


Start here

1 / Parking – The first thing you want to do is drive to the Arundel Castle Cricket Ground. There’s a small car park at the beginning of the walk which is usually very quiet (maybe best to get there a little earlier, just to be sure) if you type in either Arundel BN18 9AU or the coordinates 50°51’30.4″N 0°33’39.5″W (more exact) that will get you there. The address points to a mill, but the car park is on the same road (London Road).


2 / Getting started – After you’ve parked up, follow the path leading to Hiorne Tower.


3 / Hiorne Tower – Here you will have great views of the countryside. Follow the little path, just right of the tower leading into the valley.


4 / Swanbourne Lake – Follow the path round until you reach a lake (Swanbourne Lake) at the bottom of the valley. Here you can choose to turn right and walk around the right side of the lake which will take you through woodland or left which is a little more open. If you can’t choose, go right.


5 / Mill Road – After walking around Swanbourne Lake, follow the main road (Mill Road) out until you reach the town center. You will usually see a lot of ducks, swans and many others along the right-hand side of this road so you could take a break and feed the birds. You will also see the entrance to Arundel Castle along this path if you’re in the mood for a visit.


6 / Cafes – If you’re feeling a little tired by this point, take your pick from one of the many cafes in Arundel, not forgetting to check out the side streets filled with more choice of independent cafes.


7 / Cathedral visit – Before making your way back to the car, quickly check out Arundel Cathedral. It’s free to get in and one of the most stunning Cathedrals I’ve ever visited.

So from this point, you’re pretty much done! All that’s left is to stay on the main road after coming out of the Cathedral and you will see the same road you drove up to get to the car park.

If you decide to give it a try, have fun and enjoy it!

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