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Harry Potter Studio Tour

2 years ago I visited the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour which was amazing and this time it was even better as many things have been added since. Both times I’ve visited have been around Christmas so the place is dressed as it was in the film around Christmas time. The new additions this time round were, the Hogwarts Express Rail which you get to walk on and take a peek inside the carriages and the dark arts display. There was also a one off demonstration of how The Goblet of Fire works.

First things first, pizza!

I haven’t been to Pizza Express in years, but oh my god it was good! This was by Victoria station, before we made our way to Watford Junction. As we started eating, a screaming woman came along and started throwing the outside seating chairs up the street and then ran off. No one had any idea why, but it was a funny start to the day being so random.


Audio Guides

The last time we visited, we didn’t bother with getting the audio guides so thought we’d try them out. They were good but if I’m honest, I don’t think anyone is missing out on much. There’s so much to look at and it felt quite weird watching clips on a small screen of how Harry Potter was made when everything was literally right in front of me. I’ve seen most of the behind the scenes videos at home and most of the clips were displayed on TV screens around the displays anyway so I don’t think they’re an absolute must have whilst on the tour.


I didn’t want to add too many pictures and spoil the surprises for anyone that hasn’t been, but its an absolute must for anyone who is even a little bit interested in Harry Potter, it really is amazing how much detail, skill and craft has gone into it all.


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