Plant Life

I love plants! They add so much life and character to a room and it feels quite bare without them. I’m always looking for more places to squeeze another in somewhere, but the place would probably end up looking like a jungle if i’m not careful! Here are a few close ups of my favourites around the flat.

Cheese Plant // Bedroom – This was a £4 plant from Sainsbury’s that grown massive!

Cactus // Bedroom – Little assorted trio from Ikea, they seem to be indestructible.

Ivy // Kitchen – Love watching this grow longer over the breakfast bar.

Lucky bamboo // Living room – Another little Sainsbury’s buy thats thriving on the books.

Areca palm // Living room – This is the biggest plant in the whole flat, I love how wild it is.

Aloe vera // Coffee table – We’ve had this for ages and sadly it’s starting to break in places.

Prayer plant // Living room – Love the patterns and this one closes at night so it’s always moving!

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