How To Make Your Own Coffee Jar Pencil Pot

I really needed a place for all my extra pencils lying around in draws and boxes and I had the perfect solution waiting to be recycled. I was just about to throw away an old coffee jar and thought, this is really nicely shaped glass jar and then my little brain put two and two together and got to work on making my new coffee jar pencil pot!

Here’s how I did it in 3 simple steps

What you will need:

1. Empty coffee jar
2. Spray paint
3. Newspaper

Step 1 – Clean your coffee jar:

Fill your sink up with hot water and washing up liquid and leave it to soak for at least 30 mins.

Tip: If you peel off your label, but there are still parts stuck, use a firm scrubbing brush (stainless steel is best) – these are great:

Step 2 – Spray paint the lid

After letting your coffee jar dry fully, lay the lid outside on some newspaper and spray away! I went for satin black like this:

Step 3 – Let it dry and use your new recycled coffee jar!

So there we are. Easy, quick, resourceful and didn’t cost an extra penny!

Here’s the coffee jar I used:

Other uses for sad old coffee jars:

• Hairband holder
• Paperclip jar
• Pin jar
• Small stationary holder (rubbers, pencil sharpeners)
• Peg holder
• USB and old SD cards
• Cigar holder (if you’re that cool)

What could your old coffee jar be used for?

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    21st September 2018 at 7:47 am

    I love this post. What a great simple idea

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