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DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Last year I spent Christmas in Thailand as Tom and I were travelling around Southeast Asia which was great to spend Christmas in another country and we had a lovely day but it still felt strange not seeing family, having a roast and doing all the general Christmassy things. So this year I’m really excited for Christmas and thought I would go all out and make my own Christmas wrapping paper and cards, here’s how I did it.

For DIY Christmas Cards, click here.

Brown Paper

Firstly I needed to find some decent quality brown paper. I have a real obsession with brown paper, if I can use it for something I will. I just love the texture and rawness of the paper and things just seem to look so nice when printed on there. I usually go to Wilkos but theirs have lines running through the rolls and I wanted a blank canvas to work with so I found some great stuff in the Post Office. It looks like the classic old parcel paper so I bought 2 rolls.


Inks and Stamps

To decorate my brown paper into more of a Christmas look I bought some Christmas style rubber stamps (Reindeer & Tree) along with some ink stamps in black, green and red. Unfortunately, the red and green didn’t show up as well on the paper as nice as black did so I’ve used black the most out of all the colours.

I would recommend (if you can) buying separate stamps for separate colours as washing the stamps after each use sometimes wasn’t enough as there was some black mixed with the red on a few occasions. If not, washing them with alcohol free baby wipes or a rubber stamp cleaning solution is best (water and soap will loosen the adhesive on wooden stamps).


Metallic Sharpie Pens

Aside from the rubber stamps, I wanted to try some writing over the paper. I found these metallic Sharpie pens which were great to add a little shine against the textured paper. I don’t have any skill in writing fancy script so I just scribbled ‘Merry Christmas’ very quickly and repeatedly over the paper and added some stars in between.

Even though it takes time and effort to make your own wrapper paper, it’s very enjoyable and feels nice to give gifts with a personal touch. Check out my DIY Christmas Cards to match my DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper here.


Thinking of making your own? Here’s what you will need:

Brown parcel paper

  • Preferably from the Post Office.

Rubber stamp(s)

  • I used Dovecraft Premium Pigment from Ebay which were great.

Ink stamps

  • I just searched ‘Rubber Stamps’ on Ebay and there were loads to choose from.

Sharpie metallic fine point permanent markers

  • Again, from Ebay.


  • No need for Ebay, these should be in your kitchen draw.


Roll a long sheet of brown paper out on your kitchen floor and stamp your pattern. Then leave it to dry over night and roll it back up in the morning so you can just use it for wrapping presents straight away.

Always wash and dry the rubber stamps thoroughly before using them again.

If you’re writing over the brown paper with the Sharpie pens, try and personalise the message by adding the name of who the present is for.



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