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DIY Christmas Cards

Following my DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper post I decided to keep the same theme going and personalise my Christmas Cards too.

This was a much quicker process then the wrapping paper and I generally kept the same style whilst combining the two ideas of writing over the cards at an angle and then stamping some patterns over the top with the rubber stamps I bought for the wrapping paper.


I bought a set of plain A6 brown paper cards here from Ebay which which were great quality and a perfect weight and thickness. I then laid each one out on the kitchen table and created a mixture of plain stamped cards (stamping across the whole area of the front and back of the card) and some with just ‘Merry Christmas’ across the front and back. The silver metallic Sharpie pen was great to use for the cards with just the text across the front as it stood out much better than the gold and bronze.


Thinking of making your own? Here’s what you will need:

A6 Brown craft cards with envelopes

  • I bought mine here from Ebay.

Rubber stamp(s)

  • I used Dovecraft Premium Pigment from Ebay which were great.

Ink stamps

  • I just searched ‘Rubber Stamps’ on Ebay and there were loads to choose from.

Sharpie metallic fine point permanent markers

  • Again, from Ebay.


Place your cards on top of a large piece of paper or card so you can write to the edge of the card without drawing all over the table.

If your going to write over the cards and stamp them too, always write your message first as the ink may smudge if its not properly dry.

Try and personalise the message by adding the name of who the card is for across the front.


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