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My New Bullet Journal – Leuchtturm, Grey, Dotted

Currently, I have two different notebooks filled with to-do lists, planners and trackers. If your someone like me that likes to keep organised, then a bullet journal is a great idea to keep everything in one place. The journal itself doesn’t need to be any particular kind, but a very popular notebook has been recognised as a great place to bullet journal.

Leuchtturm Grey, Dotted A5 Notebook

The Leuchtturm 1917 is a very popular brand used by those who bullet journal. The quality of the notebook is flawless and they come in a variety of colours and sizes. Check out the video (remember to click the cog and select 720p HD) and pictures below to get a better view of my new Leuchtturm grey bullet journal.

How do you say Leuchtturm?

For anyone else out there that is a little unsure how to pronounce Leuchtturm (like I was in the video) it’s  leucht-turm (sounds like loych-torm) and to hear a real life German pronounce it check out the link below and click the first blue play button.


Start your bullet journal here:

LEUCHTTURM1917 344784 Notebook Medium (A5), 249 numbered pages, dotted, anthracite

Bullet journal walk-through in pictures:


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