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Make a Birthdays Bullet Journal Page

If you’re like me and have a little trouble remembering everyone’s birthdays, maybe a birthdays bullet journal page will help! I found some watercolours and decided to try them out on this spread, but ended up making a mistake when the pen from the previous page started to bleed from using too much water! Follow the steps below and check out the video to create your own birthdays bullet journal page and watch out for the tips to avoid making the mistakes I did!

Step one – Drawing your guide

First thing you will need is to start on a page with no pen used on the other side. Below you can see where the pen bled from the watercolours, so I started a new page on the other side. Each box is 7 squares tall and 8 wide with 1 square to separate each box. I’ve also added a bunting for the title so it’s in keeping with the theme.

*Tip / Add some hints under the title of places you like to get presents from so if you’re ever stuck, you have some ideas to refer too. I’ve added TX Maxx, Pallant house (for the cards in their gift shop) Scratch cards (sneak them into the card) Groupon, Amazon and the trusty gift voucher.


Step 2 – Watercolours

Now you have a grid penciled in, grab your watercolours and paint over the boxes. It may be useful to grab a scrap piece of paper and test how dark or light you want your watercolour paint to be. I wanted mine to look a little relaxed so I diluted the paint with lots of water and painted over the lines of each box and on the bunting title. In the first attempt, I used a different color for each box, but this time, I wanted to try season colours so I’ve got blue for Winter, green for Spring, yellow for Summer and orange for Autumn.

*Tip / Let this page dry for at least a few hours, I left mine overnight before rubbing out the pencil and drawing over with a pen.


Step 3 – Finishing touches

I finished with using a black biro pen (Papermate Inkjoy Biro) to draw around the boxes and bunting to give it more definition. I would recommend a biro as other pens don’t take very well over dried watercolours.

*Tip / Rubbing out any pencil marks is great too, the rubber will actually rub out some of the watercolour paint so try not to push down too hard!


As I messed up the first attempt, I’m going to cover this page with some brown parcel paper and most likely just use it as a space for more daily lists.

I hope you found this helpful and have fun creating your own birthdays page!

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